Content from a custom content type

In this example content comes from a node of a custom content type.


If you can offer greater

If you can offer greater wallpaper designs it will likely be smooth for us to download due to the fact they're too properly to set as a wallpaper for laptop and mobiles. Please create a problem in the problem Dissertation Help Dubai queue of the module and offer additional information, what you want to accomplish, what you probably did, what you anticipate and what is extraordinary.

I am looking for a nice theme

I am looking for a nice theme to download and set as a wallpaper on my PC, finally, I found this beautiful wallpaper. I just want to know if the wallpaper is free any, should we purchase from any company. If you can provide more wallpaper designs it will be easy for us to download because they are too good to set as a wallpaper for computer and mobiles.

Thanks for the information

Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this! Voyance audiotel amour.

Content from a custom content type

hello... this is very nice module... this is exactly what i want, to have slideshow with pager... now to my question(i'm actually bit lost here).

how can i make slideshow base on "Content from a custom content type"? can anyone please point me to some tutorials? :)


Re: Content from a custom content type

This is done like described in: How to create a basic dynamic display block image slideshow with links to other pages

Hope this helps you further.

i actually followed some

i actually followed some instruction from the tutorials... but still doesn't work for me. though i observed it generated some code of "ddblock" but no images or pager being displayed.



Re: I actually followed some

Please create an issue in the issue queue of the module and provide additional information, what you want to accomplish, what you did, what you expect and what is different.

E.g. What code are you using in the node.
What setting do you have in the ddblock configuration page
A link to the Internet site, or if not possible attach the page source.

Please provide the additional information, so I can help you better.

When an issue is created I will delete the posts here.

placement of pager

Hi, first of all, great work a really great module to make drupal more a dynamic 2.0 experience!

After installing and creating a block with a pager, i see the images change exactly as it should. However the pager images and the main image appear to be alligned to the left. The main image is thus overlapping the pager images.

How can i get the pager images positioned to f.i. the right.

* I am looking forward to the advanced version especially the text over the image will be very useful.

Re: placement of pager

First thanks for your compliments.

In the current version (RC2) The image pager is placed above the pictures. With the height and the width in the settings of the pager you can make place for the image pager. If you have only one row of pager items the default height and width should be enough. If you have more then one row of pager items you have to adjust the pager height setting to make the pager items fit.

If you want to place the pager to the right you have to override the template file and the stylesheet. This is not possible with settings for now.

Can you send a link to your site? (you can do this in the contact form to help you better.

Hope this helps,

Module maintainer