Default Dynamic display block

In this example the default settings are used when you create a dynamic display block. It uses a folder with images as input.


I think I set it up

I think I set it up wrong.

How do I stop the block from having a theme? It's using the same theme as my site and it looks bad...

Re: I think I set it up

Your overall theme themes every block on your Internet site with the borders and colors you see around the ddblock content.

You would need to change your overall theme or add specific CSS for blocks which contain a ddblock slideshow.

Hope this helps you further, if not please make an issue in the issue queue of the ddblock module.

Please help!

I read a "How to create an Advanced slideshow with multiple imagefield images in a node", make a test page, but slideshow is not run correctly:
My block "ddblock node gallery slideshow" has the link is: "", i replace the [BLOCK_NUMBER] to 4 - slideshwo is not show.
Strange but If i replace 4 to any number - the slideshow shows a any two photos from "".
Can You help me?

Re: Please help!

Please make an issue in the issue queue of the module.

I don't see a slideshow at your Drupal site, maybe you did not give permissions to anonymous users yet to view ddblock slideshows.

Please help me with ddblock!!!

I have created a content type with many fields. One of these fields is a photo upload (field_photo). This photo upload allows multi photos. All is good and the page shows all the photos one after the other on their own related node url pages.

What I wish to achieve is instead of the photos displayed one after the other on their node page, I would like one photo displayed to then slideshow the multi uploaded photos in relation to their relative node page.

How can i make this by useing ddblock?

Re: Please help me with ddblock!!!

There is a tutorial to achieve this functionality: How to create an Advanced slideshow with multiple imagefield images in a node.

Hope this is what you are looking for, please let me know.

I read the tutorial, make

I read the tutorial, make page, upload 3 images (jpeg), but 1 image show only and stop. Can you help me correct it?

Re: I read the tutorial

I had a look at your Drupal site and it looks like you don't have the advanced checkbox set for the slideshow, you need to set cycle, advanced and choose a template.

Hope this helps you further, otherwise please make an issue in the issue queue of the module.

Sorry. I tried your module on

Sorry. I tried your module on a test server, transferred to the primary. Now I have a slide show pictures only from the folder "site / files /" although I did everything as written Why is this happening? In the file node-[*** content-type_name ***]. tpl.php I added the code that you have shown in the example and set the block number, said that instead of numbers you can set any number - appears on the screen one. Please HELP ME!

It working, great! Thanks.

It working, great!


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Request: Link Image to URL Tutorial

Hey there,
I know you posted some stuff above about how to do this, but it was quite a bit over my head. I was wondering, if someone had time, could they post a quick tutorial on how to link the rotating images (Default fade stuff) to a url?

Default "folder dump" of images are rotated. Would like to have the onClick event link to a url for the picture, instead of advancing to the next image.

Thanks, and I am enjoying DDBLOCK!

trae dot mccombs is at macon dot ga dot us

Re: Request: Link Image to URL Tutorial


The ddblock looks good on your site.

If you want to add a link to the picture you can do the following:

1.) Copy the ddblock-cycle-block-content.tpl.php from the ddblock module to your themes directory which is probably at sites/all/themes/[THEME_NAME].

2.) Change the following code

 if ($output_type == 'images') :
<div class="ddblock-container">
 foreach ($content as $image_file):
<img src=" print base_path() . $image_file; " alt="" />


 if ($output_type == 'images') :
<div class="ddblock-container">
 foreach ($content as $image_file):
<a href="

 print base_path() . $image_file; ?&gt;"
    &lt;img src="<?php print base_path() . $image_file; 
" alt="" />

3.) Uncheck the next checkbox in the dynamic display block configuration page, so the link is used instead of advancing to the next slide.

You could also use modules like thickbox this way.

Hope this helps you further

Thank you!

Thank you for this module. Just installed it and it works great!

Is it possible to add a link to each image using the default image folder method, or do I have to use content types to accomplish this?


Re: Thank You

For using links with your images you have to use the advanced options of the dynamic display block module and use a content type and a view.


Setting up an image rotator

Setting up an image rotator with the folder method was easy. However, I'm having trouble adding the links. I was able to create the appropriate views but I'm having a hard time with...

a) Getting the nodes in the view to rotate. The content of the first node is displayed but it doesn't rotate. I'm sure I can figure this out by going through the tutorials a few more times.

b) How do I link an image to any URL? I understand how to link an image to the node it belongs to, but what if I would like to link this image to an external URL? Is there a tutorial for this?

Any pointers would be much appreciated as I think this would be a pretty common scenario for most users.


Re: Setting up an image rotator

For adding a link to any URL you could add a URL field to your content type. Add it to the view you use and add it as a variable in for the content template in the content preprocess function like the readmore button. Instead of linking to the node you would link to the URL you want.

Hope this helps you further.

Yup, I got it going! Thanks!

Yup, I got it going! Thanks!

ddblock in a master block or in a view

hi folks,

firstly, ddblock is a great piece of work - thank you very much.
I need to put the ddblock in a super/master block or into a view (what I actually need to do is to put other content precisely next to a ddblock and the template I'm using is pretty unforgiving (moving stuff around).

So, I think putting the ddblock into a table, which in turn is in a block would allow me to get the alignment I require.

sorry if this isn't making much sense.

rgds Dave

Re: ddblock in a master block or in a view

Hi Dave,

Can you explain in more detail what you want to achieve.
What are the problems?
Can you give an example or a link to the page which you want to change.

You can always put a block in a page with php code and than style the page with CSS.


Want slide show of text on front page

hello philip,
I 'm a newbie to drupal, I've done most of my website work , and got stuck at one place, i.e. slide show,

I have a content type " blue facts" on my website, and also have the conents displayed using views.. page,

Now all I want is to display the contents of the blue facts page as a slideshow in a block on the front page of the website.

Please guide me to do this..
can contact me any time to my email add specified above.

Thank you in advance.