Fade, Grow effects

fade effect

fadeZoom effect

growX effect

growY effect


Wow! This is very affirmative

Wow! This is very affirmative stuff for us. I change some fade effect to use of this, now the look amazing and I’m very happy. It only because of you, keep sharing this useful stuff on different platform with TopReviewStars so that people avail this opportunity.

no border

Hi, where can i change CSS style for this effects. I mean the border, background etc. Thanks

explaining image

I need turn of the border.

here is a explaining image: http://h.imagehost.org/view/0151/explain

btw: sorry for my english

Re: No border

Have a look at the faq question: I see a kind of border around the image. How can i get rid of it?

Hope this helps you further, please let me know.


Thanks a lot! Its easy. :-)

deleted lines from ddblock.js

.css('padding', '2px')
.css('border', '1px solid #ddd')
.css('background-color', '#eee')