Turn, Uncover, Wipe, Zoom effects

turnUp effect

turnDown effect

turnLeft effect

turnRight effect

uncover effect

wipe effect

zoom effect


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Click event

Hi, I don't speak English very well but I have to say I loved this page...
Well, I have a question because I want to do the turnLeft effect but only when I click on the picture. Is it possible to do that? Thanks

Re: Click event

Yes, you can advance the slideshow only on click on the image.

1.) set timeout to: 0
2.) check the next checkbox

This is the only effect that

This is the only effect that doesn't work. Works like cover or uncover effect, but not like this above. Tell my how I fix this bug. Thanks so much.

I mean TURN EFFECTS doesn't

I mean TURN EFFECTS doesn't work. The rest (wipe, cover, works fine)

great module and effects!!

great module and effects!! What is the code of this effect please?