The dynamic display block module depends on the jQuery update module so we have to install this module and the dynamic display block module.

Note: Drupal 6.4 already has the jQuery 1.2.6., but still we prefer to install jQuery update module for future versions of jQuery.

  1. Go to and download the jQuery update module.
  2. Go to and download the new version of dynamic display block module.
  3. Extract the jquery_update folder and the ddblock folder and drop them into the /sites/all/modules/ folder.
  4. Navigate to Administer > Site building > Modules and enable the jQuery Update module and the dynamic display block module by selecting the check boxes next to "JQuery Update" and “Dynamic display block”.
  5. Click the save configuration button.



The dynamic display block module can work together with all modules that provide blocks. The content of the block can be displayed dynamically (one by one width transition effects) if the content consist of e.g. Images, A list of listitems, A table with tablerows, etc.

Example modules and blocks you can use

Module blocks
Headerimage blocks with images
Comments Recent comments
Forum Active forum topics
Forum New forum topics
Views blocks with images, lists, tables
Worldclock World clock

For easing effects, you can download the jQuery easing plug-in.

  1. Download version 1.1.1 at or
  2. Copy jquery.easing.1.1.1.js to sites/all/modules/ddblock.