Dynamic display block module 1.x dev

This week we donate a new development version of the Dynamic display block slideshow module, to the Drupal community.
This version is for testing purposes only.
(Don't replace your current RC6 version with this version. The module has new template files which are not compatible with the RC6 version of the module)

Major improvements compared to RC6 are: better pager functionality, a scrollable pager and pending patches for bugfixes are applied. You can read in the CHANGELOG.txt what has changed more.

You can download the development version of the ddblock module from drupal.org.

Corresponding themes and export package with new preprocess functions can be download at the download page.

Please help us in testing the module so we can release the next version of the module. We tested the module ourselves and all functionality should work, but we are sure there are some bugs to be found. Also lots of code improvements can be made. If you want to help with this or help in other ways please contact us, we need your help.