When I uncomment the drupal_set_message debug lines I don't see the result.

When you uncomment the drupal_set_message debug lines in the preprocess function for the ddblock module in your template.php file and don't see a result when reloading the page with the ddblock slideshow.

  • First, try to clean the cache at admin >> site configuration >> performance and reload your page again.
    If this doesn't work, check the following:
  • Did you change [theme_name] in the preprocess functions for the ddblock module in your template.php file to the name of the theme you use?
  • Did you set Display method to: "Cycleblock"
  • Did you check the: Use advanced settings checkbox


  1. The theme_name in the preprocess function is case sensitive and must be exactly the same as the name of the theme you use.
  2. Your theme name must NOT contain dashes or spaces or start with a number. Dashes (-) and spaces can not be used in PHP function names. A PHP function can also not start with a number.

    When your themename contains dashes, spaces or starts with a number change the name of the .info file of your theme in a name without spaces and dashes and edit the .info file to set the name variable in the theme.info file.

If none if the above solves your issue please create an issue in the Issue queue on Drupal.org. Also give a link to your Internet site if possible or a screenshot.


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