Embedded video - pause/stop rotation & custom thumbnail


Great module, have a slideshow based on the upright40 theme running on our homepage. It is currently displaying just embedded youtube videos that play within the same window (similar to your embedded content example). Eventually want to add in images as well. I have 2 questions though that I couldn't find the answer to from searching the tutorials and forums.

1. I would like for the slideshow to rotate through the video's and thumbnails. When I set the slideshow to rotate, and then play a video, it rotates out while it's still playing. Is there any way to stop or pause the slideshow once a video is being played? Additionally, when you choose a new video from the thumbnail list, could it stop the current video and play the newly selected one?

2. I'd like to add a custom thumbnail/preview image for each video based on the "Embedded video custom thumbnail" field, but it keeps pulling in the youtube default preview image. Do I have to set this in the preprocess function?, and if so can you point me to the correct code or tutorial for how to do that? May want to eventually embed video's from different sources besides youtube.

Been trying to figure these 2 things out for a while and just wanted to make sure this functionality is possible. If not, can you suggest a different process that maybe I'm missing and would work better?

Thanks in advance,