Drupal 6 - Views slideshow: Dynamic display block tutorial (version 2.x)

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block module version 2.x. Please upgrade to the latest version.
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The Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block (version 2.x) module is a views_slideshow plugin mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site in an attractive way. A featured content slideshow can contain e.g.: New articles, Most popular content, New products, Portfolios, etc.


  • This is at the moment a development version for testing purposes only. The module has to be used against 6.x-2 versions of the views_slideshow module.


  • Featured Content
  • Ubercart Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Header Slideshows
  • Text sliders


  • Any content
  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Configuration settings per slideshow
  • Number-, prev/next-, text-, image, scrollable-pagers
  • Free and commercial layout themes

New features

  • Mapping of views fields to slideshow template fields
  • Due to mapping of fields no preprocess functions anymore in your template.php file for default usage
  • Uses themed views fields instead of raw data
  • Example module which installs a content type, a view with six example slideshows and example nodes