Drupal 6 - Views slideshow: Dynamic display block tutorial (version 2.x)

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block module version 2.x. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  • Please post only comments with corrections regarding the documentation. We aim to quickly move corrections into the documentation.
  • Before making comments, please search the issue queue. Search on all issues.
  • When you have issues, support request or comments, the preferred place to post them is in the issue queue of the project. The issue queue of the project is monitored daily.
  • Support requests, bug reports, and off-topic comments will be deleted without warning.
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The Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block (version 2.x) module is a views_slideshow plugin mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site in an attractive way. A featured content slideshow can contain e.g.: New articles, Most popular content, New products, Portfolios, etc.


  • This is at the moment a development version for testing purposes only. The module has to be used against 6.x-2 versions of the views_slideshow module.


  • Featured Content
  • Ubercart Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Header Slideshows
  • Text sliders


  • Any content
  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Configuration settings per slideshow
  • Number-, prev/next-, text-, image, scrollable-pagers
  • Free and commercial layout themes

New features

  • Mapping of views fields to slideshow template fields
  • Due to mapping of fields no preprocess functions anymore in your template.php file for default usage
  • Uses themed views fields instead of raw data
  • Example module which installs a content type, a view with six example slideshows and example nodes



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Display multiple blocks withing one slideshow

Hey all,

I'm trying to build a view slideshow that displays multiple content types but displays each type in its own respective slide. How would I go about doing this with views slideshow DD?

The idea is to have one slide titled news and in the background print out teasers for new articles. The next slide would then be a placeholder for discussions and the next for blog post. I'd like to use bullets for each teaser as the actual content of the slide.

Is this possible?


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Thank you

The thought is to have one slide titled news and out of sight print out mysteries for new articles. The following slide would then be a placeholder for exchanges and the following for blog entry. I'd get a kick out of the chance to utilize projectiles for every secret as the real substance of the slide. Do My Essay For Me This is one of the best answers for such people groups to finish the PhD composing works.