Views slideshow: Dynamic display block themes installation


To make it possible to give different layouts to your slideshows, the Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block module uses template files, Cascading style sheets and images. The combination of the template file, the CSS file and the images is called a Views slideshow: Dynamic display block theme.

Theme directory structure

A theme has the following directory structure:



  1. Download the views slideshow:dynamic display block theme package from the Download page.
  2. Extract the zip file to a temporary directory.
  3. Copy the custom directory with all sub directories to the theme directory of the overall theme you use (This is the theme which is checked as default in the themes configuration page), which is probably at sites/all/themes/[YOUR_OVERALL_THEME_NAME]/.

    If you use a customized garland theme (renamed as mygarland) this would be sites/all/themes/mygarland/ so the structure becomes: sites/all/themes/mygarland/custom/modules/views_slideshow_ddblock/...

  4. Clear the cache at: Administer > Site configuration > Performance