How to use the whole node in the slideshow?

  1. In template.php of the theme, in the function mytheme_preprocess_views_slideshow_ddblock, after this line:
    $slider_items[$key1]['slide_node'] = base_path() . 'node/' . $result->nid;

    Add the following code, to add the node id as a template variable:
    $slider_items[$key1]['slide_nid'] = $result->nid;
  2. In views-slideshow-ddblock-cycle-block-content-[slideshow_theme_name].tpl.php print the node by adding these lines:
        $node= node_load($slider_item['slide_nid']);
        print node_view($node);

This snippet is made by: MMusashi


Directly we cannot use the

Directly we cannot use the whole node in the slideshow because that does not support the slide show directly if you implement that code on it. Generally I use the software which was created by uk best essay industries this patch will help me to run the slide show and same time allows me to use the full node into it.