class issue, active-pager-item and activeSlide

I am setting background images for the pager and I am trying to the left side of the pager item to have a rounded edge by setting the background image to be left justified and not repeat, and then setting the background of the anchor to repeat-x. This works fine and I get the look I want for each pager item. Now I am attempting to give a different look to the active pager item and by using activeSlide I can get thte background of the anchor to be what I want, but when I use active-pager-item to change the rounded image on the left side, it does so on the pager item preceding the current pager item. I would assume that activeSlide and active-pager-item would both be within the same pager item, but they do not appear to be. It seems that active-pager-item class is added to the pager item prior to the pager item that contains the anchor with the class activeSlide set.

I can not seem to find that this issue has been raised, so I am thinking that I am going about this the wrong way. What I want to accomplish is to have the slide show pager show the link area ( the active pager link ) with a rounded edge on the left side, and a pointed edge on the right side and allow for the the hover to show the same background without the right side arrow. I see this being done at the Inspirational Travel site, only on the right rather than the left and they have more going on with regard to a border around the active pager and such, but it seems that it is capable of doing what I want, but I am not able to get this working at this point in the manner I am trying. When I do use these two classes to try to get the effect, the active-pager-item class seems to be set on the pager prior to the the activeSlide class is contained in.

What might I be doing wrong? Is it possible that the class assignment is not working properly? As usual, this is a high priority for me in that I am behind schedule due to trying a number of things to get the effect I want and finfing that it does not seem to work as I think it should.

I feel stupid...

Okay, maybe this will help someone else!!!

I had a "header" at the top of the pager items, and I left the class -item there as well as adding a class -item-header and I found that by removing the first one, the class active-pager-item now gets set properly in synch with the actvieSlide class.

So, it seems that I caused my own issue in that I inserted a div and used the class name improperly. I hope this saves someone else some headache.