Drupal 7 - Advanced slideshow tutorial

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Dynamic Display Block module drupal 7 version. Please upgrade to the latest recommended version.
  • The tutorial is a quick step by step tutorial which assumes you have basic drupal knowledge.
  • Please post only comments with corrections regarding the documentation. We aim to quickly move corrections into the documentation.
  • If you have issues with using the module, please search the issue queue for similar issues. Note: Search on all issues.
  • When you can not find a similar isssue in the issue queue, please post a new issue in the issue queue of the project.
  • The issue queue of the project is monitored daily.
  • Support requests, bug reports, and off-topic comments at the documentation page will be deleted without warning.


The tutorial is a quick step

The tutorial is a quick step by step tutorial which assumes you have basic drupal knowledge. microsoft 70-398 dumps

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Stoping slider with Jquery?

I have been successfully using DD-Block. It's great. I'm now implementing a custom mega menu with a simple hoover effects (jQuery mouseenter, mouseleave).
All is fine but I require to stop the slide from sliding when the mega menu is on (as it overlaps the slider region).
I have tried to stop it using jquery with .slide.stop(true,true);
With no success. Is this the correct way or can you recommend a solution?
Best regards,

Advanced DD Block not working

The Advanced DD Block is not working, I'm following the procedures step by step and getting the configuration right but I don't get it because it is now showing just only the title. Please Help me. Thanks a lot!

i'm also having same problem.

i'm also having same problem. i've done drupal 7 advanced slideshow tutorial, but it's not showing any pictures, description, thumbnails. it's showing only INSTANCE TITLE section. that's all.

Re: Advanced DD Block not working

Please post an issue in the issue queue of the module and give more information, so I can help you better.

the advanced dynamic block is

the advanced dynamic block is not showing.

DDBlock slideshow not working

In the main menu, under Science 9 there is a category called "Gallery". There I have setup a Views Slideshow and you can see the pager images underneath. I followed all of the instructions in the Advanced Tutorial but don't seem to be able to get the slideshow to work. It is very simple with images only (i.e. no text). Any ideas?

Re: DDBlock slideshow not working

I can not see the slideshow on your site.
Probably no permissions given for anonymous users to view ddblock slideshows.

Please post isssue in the issue queue of the module: http://drupal.org/project/issues/ddblock

download-free media?

It would be very helpful to a lot of people if you could put these videos on YouTube or some other system using a client-free video format. People shouldn't have to install a codec to view these.