Quick configuration in 10 steps

Path to configuration page.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Structure > Dynamic display block.

Add, configure and enable a dynamic display block.

  1. Type a unique block title in the block title field of the Add dynamic display block fieldset at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the Add block button.
  3. Click the Configure block link in the "Dynamic display block" fieldset of the dynamic display block you just made.
  4. Choose image folder as input type.
  5. Set the image folder to images/ddblock and click the "Save Block" button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Create a folder images/ddblock on the server, relative the Drupal file path. The Drupal file path is set at Administration > Configuration > Media > File system
  7. Add some images in this folder.
  8. Navigate to Administration > Structure > Blocks.
  9. Find your block in the Disabled section near the bottom of the page. Select a region (e.g. Right sidebar) in the drop down box next to your block. This will move the block you just created to this region.
  10. Click the Save Blocks button.

    After these 10 steps you should see your added dynamic display block.
    You can always adjust the settings at Administer >Structure > Dynamic display block.

    When you want to give anonymous users and other registered users rights to view the ddblock slideshows configure the permissions to view ddblock slideshows at: administration > people > permissions TAB.

    If you are not successful see: Images from an image folder are not displayed. in the FAQ