Drupal 7 - Basic slideshow tutorial

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Dynamic Display Block module drupal 7 version. Please upgrade to the latest recommended version.
  • The tutorial is a quick step by step tutorial which assumes you have basic drupal knowledge.
  • Please post only comments with corrections regarding the documentation. We aim to quickly move corrections into the documentation.
  • If you have issues with using the module, please search the issue queue for similar issues. Note: Search on all issues.
  • When you can not find a similar isssue in the issue queue, please post a new issue in the issue queue of the project.
  • The issue queue of the project is monitored daily.
  • Support requests, bug reports, and off-topic comments at the documentation page will be deleted without warning.


DDBlock Modules don't work

I am working with Drupal 7 and install ddblock-7.x-1.0.
But when I try admin -> structure -> ?
I can find Block but it doesn't appear Dynamic display block so I cann't be able to:
Add, configure and enable a dynamic display block
as is post in "Quick configuration in 10 steps"

Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong???

Thanks in advance

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I tried everything and it doesnt work even the permisions settings. Nothing appears.
Can somebody tell me how can i make the ddblock works??? Plz plz plz!!!!!


I can't get your video tutorials to work on my mac... any ideas?

hi i have installed dynamic


i have installed dynamic display block module as per instruction but its not working.i have followed all the instruction in "Quick configuration in 10 steps in the tutorial for instructions to create dynamic display block image slideshow with images from a folder" but still its not working.... i m using drupal 7.8 ..please help

Slideshow Not work on Drupal 7.x

I have the same problem. I have done all the steps but no slideshow appears. Any one get it to work on 7.x?

couple things..

either the directory you've entered is invalid, or you might not have given permissions users to "view ddblocks"

so check the directory first, then check permissions:
- admin > people > permissions
- locate "view dynamic display block" and check all 3 boxes (to give perms to anon, auth, and adm)

Title as link

hi can you plz tell me how can i convert ddblocks title to a link

thanks in advance .

JQuery Cycle 2.99 Plugin required

Tried installing Dynamic Display Block on Publishers Gazette theme (Theme from Drupal 7 Open Publish) but getting error JQuery Cycle 2.99 Plugin required.
Can anyone help me locate where this plugin can be found and which folder it should be installed
Thanks a million

Re: JQuery Cycle 2.99 Plugin required

plugin can be downloaded from http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/download.html
You need the cycle plugin. Not the cycle lite.

Hope this helps you further.

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