How to create the Recent comments effect

To create the recent comments effect like on the left side of the site follow the steps in this tutorial.

Links refer to the existing tutorial on this site.

Modules used:
The following modules have to be installed and enabled:

Core module:

Contributed modules:

For details see: Installation


  1. Enable the comment - Recent comments block for the dynamic display block module, see second part of the page: settings tab
  2. Make an instance of the Recent comments block, see page: Instance tab
  3. Set the effect settings for the block, see block settings
    • Block title: Recent comments
    • Display Method: cycleblock
    • Content container: li
    • Container height: 80
    • Transition Effect: BlindY
    • Speed:2000
    • Timeout:3000
    • Pause: checked
    • Next: not checked (important otherwise you can not go to the comment)
    • Pager: none
  4. Place your new block instance in a region on the block page

When you have a issue with bold text not looking good in IE, have a look at the following article: