Why prefer BinDB

The Bindb solution gives an inclusive set of BIN varieties of all the countries that make use as well as circulate bank cards. By combining all the issuers, banks and institutions, a single database is made which is called as bindb we provide the most comprehensive BIN reference in the world.


The recent researches have shown an alarming effect of bin lists websites that make a blind estimate. These provide bin ranges that could be hazardous practice in the business world. When the risk of fraud is assessed a false positive report is more risky than being without information at all. You should be aware of the websites that pass through the researches to create BIN to make it run through the process of researches protect scam and fraud. Accurate By cross-reference, a highly reliable Bin table can be obtained through multiple data points for all the banks, Issures and the countries. A sole checker rule all of them. It will help you to allow to use database to recognize the cards of all the brands, banks and the countries. The research panel of any authentic site owner, truthfully distinguishing the local European bank identification numbers such as. Thanks to those research teams that serve accurately about the bin checker tool.

Complete Information of the bindb

Each line in the database furnishes the details of the individual card. The database is packed with detail information. Such as:
Brand of the card: Master card or Visa Card or AMEX

  • Type: Credit or Debit
  • Level: Standard or Corporate or Prepaid
  • Bank: Such as Bank of America
  • Country and Country codes: Example: United States and code: /US/USA/840
  • Bank Website
  • Bank Address
  • Bank Phone

Choose only the business standard fraud prevention database (db) that will add to your revenue and defend the reputation of your company to put off the credit card fraud.