Drupal 6 - Advanced slideshow tutorial

A lot of news sites like CNN, Yahoo, BBC and other sites use advanced slidehows to display content. Advanced slideshows are often made with flash. These slideshows can be very sophisticated with all kinds of effects. But content used in flash is not detected by search engines and your site will not be Search Engine Optimized. If you are CNN or Yahoo this is not that important (people find them anyhow), but for most sites SEO is one of the most important features of the site. With the Dynamic display block slideshow you can now use advanced slideshows while the content is detected by search engine.

New!!! Must watch this! Advanced slideshow video tutorial
Or in Japanese: Views のアウトプットからスライドショーを作成する方法

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Dynamic Display Block module version RC6. Please upgrade to the latest recommended version.
  • The tutorial here is written for new users with almost no drupal experience. A quick step by step tutorial for experienced users: Create advanced ddblock written by: Ed Shadi can be found at his site.
  • Please post only comments with corrections regarding the documentation. We aim to quickly move corrections into the documentation.
  • Before making comments, please search the issue queue. Search on all issues.
  • When you have issues, support request or comments, the preferred place to post them is in the issue queue of the project. The issue queue of the project is monitored daily.
  • Support requests, bug reports, and off-topic comments will be deleted without warning.


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If you are CNN or Yahoo this is not that important (people find them anyhow), but for most sites SEO is one of the most important features of the site. With the Dynamic display block slideshow you can now use advanced slideshows while the content is detected by search engine.

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How Slideshow can be promoted to front page ?

By following the advance tutorial on slide show, ddblock slide show is working on my localhost, but if i promoted the page to front page or through site info -> front page the ddblock is not working. Where can be the problem ?

Re: How Slideshow can be promoted to front page ?

Please create an issue in the issue queue of the module.

ddb block convert to page ?

I create an advanced ddb block for my front page but I want convert it to a node/page in drupal , in view i create a page display but views module cant display ddb into the slideshow style , how i have a node/page that display my ddb slide show (advanced not basic ) ?

tanx every one to answer me !

Re: ddb block convert to page ?

Please create an issue in the issue queue of the module

Custom DDBlock Slideshows

Thanks for the tutorials... I have reviewed several of them regarding the basic slideshow and the advanced gradient-blue30p slideshow using the News Item type content.

I would like to create a custom advanced DDBlock slideshow that contains 5 view fields:
- Background Image
- Title
- Slide Text
- Image

I also want to place the previous button (Arrow) on the left and the next button (Arrow) on the right.

I have created the HTML required to do this but I'm unsure of how to create the templates that will work with DDBlock. Are there advanced tutorials or directions on how to go about this?

Thank you,

Re: Custom DDBlock Slideshows

I would advice to use the views_slideshow_ddblock module version 2.x.
you can follow the Views slideshow: Dynamic display block tutorial (version 2.x) tutorial

Adware in Xvid Codec - Advanced slideshow tutorial

Would have loved to watch the tutorial but unfortunately I need an Xvid Codec to see the tutorial. This did not work on my Mac so I decided to use Windows. I downloaded the plugin and immediately I was alerted by Windows security that 3 x pieces of AwWare were been installed on my PC. No fault of the author, but just thought you should be aware. I did not get to see the tutorial because I could not live with the Adware :-(

Tutorial for advanced slideshow for Drupal7

First, awesome module (a must have) and very good support. Thank you so much for all the time that you invest in it!
Second, when do you think will the tutorial for advanced slideshow for Drupal7 be ready?

Yes to Drupal 7

I concur, this is an excellent piece of work. Would really love to see a D7 equiv, mind you! The lack of an "Import" feature for Content Types in D7 is what has stopped me. :-(

ddslide show

This is amazing module of drupal thanks for this.

Using gradient-green50p - deactivates my theme


I followed all of the directory structure and configuration instructions for this gradient. Everything works fine with the ddb itself, however, when i get to the step of altering my theme's info file, and I save it, the site's theme no longer works. When I take those two lines (stylesheets[all][] = custom/boxes/boxes.css and stylesheets[all][] = custom/corners/corners.css) out of the info file, the site's theme works again, but the ddb does not look right because the style sheets are not being called. Any ideas?


Re: Using gradient-green50p - deactivates my theme

You can have a look at the issue: http://drupal.org/node/617710
In #5 an explanation and solution is given.

Hope this helps, you further, please let me know.
If not please create a new issue in the issue queue of the module.


thanks, it's working.
the only thing with the video it's that it does not specify about the template that you have to download. so have downloaded the upright10-50.zip which does not contain the gradient-green30p template specified in the video. I've downloaded that, and extracted all content into 'mytheme/custom/'. Still, not enough. If you want to make it run, you have to copy the 'mytheme/custom/modules/ddblock' content to mytheme/custom/'.

thanks for the video. pretty straight forward.

Advanced SlideShow No luck after Hrs and Hrs

I have spent hrs trying to follow the advanced sideshow tutorial. The images simply do not show up. pre-process functions are in, read all help and faqs and images still never show in the themed block. Would be happy to pay for an install.

Excellent Paid Support -Missing Image Fix

Paul helped me get this up and running. I highly recommend paid support if you get stuck, well worth it. My fix was simple the link to image field in the template variables needed to be changed due to CCK Image Field Change.
Changing field to:

solved problem.

First off , I want to say

First off , I want to say that not only am I very impressed with this module(the amount of options is incredible) , but with the documentation as well(this site as well as the videos). I have followed the videos and had trouble though. Why do we need to replace " node_data_field_image_field_image_fid "
with " node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_fid "? Is this part in the video?

I was struggling with this and then saw you mentioned it in the comments below. The video is great but becomes confusing at the time she starts editing the template.php file. I think I have it working for now , but watching the video again I'm not so sure. The part that is confusing is when she goes into using views and
content types with different names , when we haven't even gotten it working with the provided exported
view and content type.

also , there is no download for the template used in the video gradient-blue30p.

For some reason it works with a custon template(i used gradient-green40p), but when I use one of the
defaults, upright10 for example , nothing shows up.

Thanks once again!

Re: First off , I want to say

Thanks for your comments.

There where some changes in filefield and imagefield in the past which causes that field names are generated different.

Changed the filename for the image back to: node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_fid in the downloadable export package, so users don't have to change that anymore when they use the news_item import and don't change the order of the fields.

We did our best to explain the process of the preprocess functions, but sure improvements can be made.

We know now it is confusing that we used a commercial theme in the video, instead of one of the free themes. Our mistake.

Upright10-50 and the other 5 free templates should all work.

Please create an issue if the don't work in the issue queue and provide the template.php file you use, the result of the drupal_set_message debug lines and if possible a link to the Internet site.

Thanks again for your comments

OK , I figured it out, the

OK , I figured it out, the video tutorial is so indebth & complex that it had to be something simple.
I figured since the options for upright10-50 appear by default that these come with the module.
I downloaded these & it works as expected. There does seem to be one annoying issue. I followed
the "ddblock basic slideshow with extra info" tutorial with the input type as content type. However there
seems to be a little bug where everytime you go to configure the block, the pager type setting
resets to the default, "Number Pager"(i'm using the prev next pager). Just a very minor issue from such a
great module!

I noticed a very similar slideshow here in the header at: http://www.billboard.com

would it be possible to create something like this where multiple nodes are visible at the same time
and they scroll together with ddblock module?

Re: OK , I figured it out


Upright10-50 where the first 5 ddblock themes released with the module, since then 5 more themes are donated to the community. Example pictures of these ddblock themes can be seen at Sunday - Donation day!!! donations. You can purchase additional ddblock themes at http://themes.myalbums.biz

Which browser are you using to configure the settings of the dynamic display block module? I don't see this bug with the browsers I use. There is a bug that the pager resets to top every time you change settings which can be fixed with the patch in this issue.

The slideshow in the top is a carousel, which can be created with several carousel modules available for drupal (see A comparison of slideshow/rotator/carousel modules)

In the next release of the ddblock module I will use the scrollable plugin ,which is also available as a module, for the pager items. (The scrollable module is not added to the comparison yet.)

Hope this helps you further, please let me know.

Do you have a link to the Internet site where you use the ddblock module?

Jesus, whether the

Jesus, whether the installation of this trend could not be even more complex, 25 minutes to copy and paste

Re: Jesus, whether the

Thanks for your interest in the module. Hope you get it working in 25 minutes and the module improves your Internet site. There is the issue DDblock out of the box in the issue queue of the module. If you want to help out all help is welcome to make the installation more easy.

Thanks a lot for the step by

Thanks a lot for the step by step video + Philip's help.. it really helped a lot!!!!!

I can't seem to get the images to display


Thanks for creating such a great module for Drupal. Once I can get a proof-of-concept running, I'll be back to buy one of the premium themes.

Somewhere I am missing a step. I've gone through the instructions several times and am just not seeing it. Everything works except no images on the slide show. They show up on the content page and the view preview, but nothing on the slideshow. I uncommented the debugging lines in the template.php file and found that node_data_field_image_field_image_fid is not being set.

I'm going through the instructions manually instead of using your import files to help me learn.

Any ideas where I should start looking? Sorry to bug you with this, but I've searched the FAQ, Google and am now going crazy. :)


Re: can't seem to get images displayed

Thank you for your interest. I had a look at your Internet site.
You need to change (4x) in the preprocess functions the string:


Hope this helps you further, please let me know.

Thanks For nice article i am

Thanks For nice article i am very grate full i have created a wonderfull gallery with help of above gallery

thanks again

one help needed how to create video gallery same

thanks and regards

is there a place where I can see the template for...

the angelina jolie block... that is exactly the look I am trying to find. I was going to try to duplicate it but if it is already out there..... I did get the tutorial working.

Re: is there a place where....

Great you got it working.

This question is in our faq.

How can I make the same layout like in the example at http://ddblock.myalbums.biz/node/336 that the pager is in the right side?

We provide 5 free themes for the dynamic display block module. Other theme layouts are for sale. With purchasing a commercial theme you will save time to develop it yourself and help further development of the dynamic display block module. A commercial theme is tested in several browser (see faq). The theme layout in the example is also for sale. You can also make it yourself using your own graphics and customizing the CSS.

They will soon be released. If you need it earlier please contact me on the contact form.

Excellent work !!!


This is amazing tutorial for using marvelous module. I must say, when I used this module without reading this Tutorial, I uninstalled the module at once. But after reading this Tutorial, I will use this module,refer this tutorial for all the sites I will develop using Drupal in future.

Thanks a lot to all of those who have contributed in development of Module and compiling this fantastic tutorial...

- Mittal Patel

Re: Excellent work !!!

Thank you for your kind words.



Superb Drupal module, filling a much needed gap in the front page image display arena for Drupal. Much appreciated, kudos to you for developing it and sharing it!!

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Thanks a lot for sharing it, that’s truly has added a lot to our knowledge about this topic. Have a more successful day.