Drupal 6 - Advanced slideshow tutorial

A lot of news sites like CNN, Yahoo, BBC and other sites use advanced slidehows to display content. Advanced slideshows are often made with flash. These slideshows can be very sophisticated with all kinds of effects. But content used in flash is not detected by search engines and your site will not be Search Engine Optimized. If you are CNN or Yahoo this is not that important (people find them anyhow), but for most sites SEO is one of the most important features of the site. With the Dynamic display block slideshow you can now use advanced slideshows while the content is detected by search engine.

New!!! Must watch this! Advanced slideshow video tutorial
Or in Japanese: Views のアウトプットからスライドショーを作成する方法

Important Notes

  • This tutorial is for of the Dynamic Display Block module version RC6. Please upgrade to the latest recommended version.
  • The tutorial here is written for new users with almost no drupal experience. A quick step by step tutorial for experienced users: Create advanced ddblock written by: Ed Shadi can be found at his site.
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