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How to make an advanced Dynamic display block slideshow for Drupal 6

This page summarizes what you have to do to make an advanced Dynamic display block slideshow for Drupal 6. For more detailed instructions see the How to instruction.

This page assumes you want to make a slideshow like the example below:

Angelina Jolie

This is an example of the advanced dynamic display block.

Oprah Winfrey

The Dynamic display block module enables you to present content in a dynamic way.

Beyonce Knowles

It uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin for the slideshow effects.

Brad Pitt

We are developing the next release of this module actively.


Please test and review the module.

Justin Timberlake

Post your issues in the issue queue on and post a review in the forum.


To make an advanced Dynamic display block slideshow with Images, a pager with images/text and text appearing over the image, you need to provide the content first. You provide this content by using CCK and views. With CCK you can make a new content type or use an existing content type. You need at least an imagefield for the image and text fields for the other information. An example of fields you could provide for your slideshow are:

  • Title of a slide and title of full node view: title (standard with a content type)
  • Text of a pager_item: pager_item_text (new text field)
  • Text on a slide: slide_text (new text field)
  • Slide image and pager image: image (new imagefield)
  • Text of full node view: body (standard with a content type)

Create content

After you made your content type you can create content.


To make the content ready for the advanced Dynamic display block slideshow you have to make a views block to select the content you want to show in a block. You can use the normal filters and sort criteria of views to create your views block.

Create Dynamic display block instance

With the dynamic display block module you create an instance of the view you made. With this instance you can now set all kinds of configurations to use for your slideshow.

Templates and preprocess functions

An advanced Dynamic display block slideshow uses two templates. A template for the whole slideshow and a template for the pager. Template variables are provided by two preprocess functions where you convert viewfields into slide and pager variables.

Styling the slideshow

The templates for the slideshow and the pager are styled by Cascading stylesheets. Free and commercial theme layouts are available.

For more examples, have a look at examples page and Site using ddblock module using Advanced dynamic display block slideshow .


This is a great work. On the

This is a great work.

On the above example, if I click again on the active slide in the right, the description beneath the slide disappears.
This is a bug.


Re: this is great work

Yes, you can say this is a bug. When using the fade effect for the slidetext and don't use the jquery effects, the slidetext would stay always on top and will not disappear. Will fix this in next version of the module.

Thanks for reporting.

Theme for the example shown

I been searching through all the themes provided but can't seem to find the theme for the example given in this page above. Is it available?
This is a fantastic module.

Re: Theme for the example shown

The theme from the example has not been released. A similar theme, the gradient-green-50p has been donated to the community. You can download this theme at the Download page

Hope this helps you further.

Thanks for you comment, I

Thanks for you comment, I have actually already installed that one which indeed, is almost identical.

Only green does not go well with our theme so instead of playing around with it myself I was hoping the blue one was available.

I'd tried especially hard to find it seeing as the How To Instructions tells us "This page assumes you want to make a slideshow like the example" so I'd expected to be able to make one just like it :-)