Create News items view

Create view
The view used in this tutorial can be created by:

  • Importing the views-export file available in the file.
  • Creating the view manually
  • Both options are described here.

    Import News items views block

    Download News items views block export file at the Download page :

    • For 6.x-3.0-beta and newer versions of imagefield and filefield:
    • Navigate to Administer >Site building > Views.
    • Click the import tab.
    • Leave the "View name" field empty.
    • Copy the content of the views_export file to the "Paste view code here: *" field.
    • Click the import button.

    Path to add view page:

    1. Navigate to Administer > Site building > Views.
    2. Click the Add tab button at the top of the page.

    Detailed instruction on how to Create News items views block manually:

    1. Fill in the form fields.
      • View name - news_items
      • View description - News items used for a Dynamic display block slideshow.
      • View tag - slideshow
      • View type - choose Node
    2. Click Next button.

    Create a view News items

    The next pages will give you more detailed instruction on how to configure the News items views block.