Display advanced Dynamic display block slideshow

Display advanced Dynamic display block slideshow

To show an advanced Dynamic display block you have several options:

  • A region of your theme.
  • A node.
  • The panels module.

The first two options are described here:

Place the advanced Dynamic display block in a region of your theme.

  1. Navigate to Administer > Site building > Blocks in the admin menu.
  2. Find the ddblock-News item slideshow block in the Disabled section near the bottom of the page.
  3. Select a region (e.g. a region which is big enough for an advanced Dynamic display block, the footer) in the drop down box next to your block.
    This will move the block you just created to this region.
  4. Click the Save Blocks button.

Place the advanced Dynamic display block in a Node.

  1. Create a node of e.g. type page.
  2. In the body of the node fill in the following code.
    $block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','[BLOCK_NUMBER]');
    print $block['content'];
  3. Change [BLOCK_NUMBER] to the block number of the advanced Dynamic display block, so the code becomes:
    $block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','1');
    print $block['content'];

    You can find the number of the block when you hover on the configure link in the block administration page.
  4. Choose as input format: PHP code
  5. Save the node

When you want to give anonymous users and other registered users rights to view the ddblock slideshows configure the permissions to view ddblock slideshows at: administer > user management > permissions.


It was relatively easy to get

It was relatively easy to get this setup, but I must have missed something.. mine is not moving at all. No animation, while the images are there. I even went as far as importing your news item view and cck, adding a few news nodes, but still.. no movement. What should I do ?

I appreciate your help.

Re: it was relatively easy to get

Did you create an instance for the block of the view?

It is difficult to guess which steps you did.

Can you please make an issue in the Issue queue of the module and explain what you did, what you expect and what happened instead. Please provide also the template.php file you use, the results of the drupal_set_message line when you uncomment them and a link to your Internet site. (if the link is not possible, the pagesource of the page with the ddblock slideshow)

I will create a issue in the

I will create a issue in the que, thanks.



I hope you can help

Problem to display the ddblock in a node...

I tried everything but nothing works to me.
The ddblock works fine when it is placed in a region as a block but when I try to place it in a node (using the code below) it just shows the node title.

Code used:

$block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','4');
print $block['content'];

When uncomment lines I get:

array (
'delta' => '4',
'output_type' => 'view_fields',
'pager' => 'custom-pager',
'pager_container' => NULL,
'pager_event' => NULL,
'pager_height' => 63,
'pager_width' => 195,
'imgcache_pager_item' => '',
'pager_position' => 'bottom',
'template' => 'upright30',
'custom_template' => NULL,
'view_name' => 'news_items',

Thanks for your help...

Re: ddblock in a node

Can you check the following:

  • The ddblock instance needs to be put in the node.
    (check if your block 4 is the ddblock instance. When you hover the blocks it should have ddblock in the link.)
  • Set your input type to PHP.
  • If you use a WYSIWYG editor make sure it does not include other tags.

Hope this helps you further, please let me know.
If not please make an issue in the issue queue of the module.

Placing the ddblock in a node

Thanks for such a fantastic module! I am try insert my ddblock on a node using

$block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','[BLOCK_NUMBER]');
print $block['content'];

It keeps adding extra markup like the

<!-- dynamic display block slideshow --&gt

<!-- number pager -->

What can I do to remove these. I would really like to add this block to a node.

I did everything described in

I did everything described in the advanced tutorial and then read it again to doublecheck everything. but nothing is showing up.
only the standard ddblock without a template works.
are there any screencasts avaliable

Re: I did everything described in

Have a look at the faq for trouble shooting questions and answers. You can also look in the issue queue on drupal.org

If you can not find the answers there, please make an issue in the issue queue at Drupal.org.

If you can send the following information with the issue post:
Link to your site
Content of your template.php file
Results of the drupal_set_message debug lines in the preprocess functions if you uncomment them

I want to display the slide

I want to display the slide show in a blank page, without a template, how can i do this?

Thanks in advance.

Re: I want to display the slide

You could use a custom page-xxx.tpl.php template for the slideshow.
Hope this helps you further, please let me know

Hello, i can solve this with

Hello, i can solve this with the module theme key, using a blank template for the page that contain de slide show, very thanks!!!

I have another question, where can download aditional themes, (css styles) for the slide show??? like the blue and white...

Re: Hello, i can solve this with

Can you describe more how you solved your issue for other users?

Besides the 5 free themes. see Do you offer free themes for the ddblock slideshow layout? we have commercial themes for sale at Themes.myalbums.biz

Hope this helps you further. Please let me know.


For show only de slide show in a blank page:

I solved the problem using the module theme key, with this we can display any page with a diferent theme, and i use the theme garland in the slide show page, and remove any other div and style, to put the slide show alone... the result is this...


(excuse for the bad english... but i speak spanish :D )

Almost driver me crazy

Hi there,
thanks for your great module, it's really cool.
but i meet a problem, i go thru the whole Advanced slideshow tutorial several times,
i still can not let it work normally, after follow the steps one by one, i just get a Default Dynamic display block like this: http://ddblock.myalbums.biz/examples
no other field like pager_items show up.
could you help me, thank you very much?

OMG, Problem have been

Problem have been solved...
Someone suggest for other question solved my problems.
just set Home->Administraster->siteconfiguration ->file system to private- files are.....
Thanks a lot...

What is your Download method setting in the drupal file system setting?

Is this private or public?

If it is private you can not find images directly via http:

Maybe this is the issue.

Please let me know.

Re: Almost driver me crazy

You have a link to your site?
Can you send the content of your template.php file in the theme you use?
Can you send the result of the drupal_set_message debug lines if you uncomment them in the preprocess functions?

You can also have a look at the issues at: http://drupal.org/project/issues/ddblock

e.g. http://drupal.org/node/413498

Hope this helps you further, please let me know.

working, no images

Got it working, but no images.

Hi, the block if coming up in my footer, I can see the text slide in and out, and the slides fade in and out, but instead of the images, I just get the name printed in the top left of the block "files/dsc_0024.jpg" etc. No picture.

Thanks this was solved as per

Thanks this was solved as per your suggestions at the drupal support site.

hi there, I follow the

hi there,

I follow the instruction and it works beautifully. One thing I am not sure is below the news images, it displays some sort of debug statement in a grey block (below). Any idea.

Thanks again for such great tutorial.

   'nid' => '8',
   'node_title' => 'Title 5',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_pager_item_text_value' => 'Page item text 5',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_nid' => '8',
   'node_type' => 'ddblock_news_item',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_slide_text_value' => 'Slide text 5',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_fid' => '10',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_list' => '1',
   'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_data' => 'a:1:{s:11:"description";s:19:"Image description 5";}',
   'node_revisions_body' => 'Body 5',
   'node_revisions_format' => '1',
   'node_created' => '1236867879',

My bad. I answered my own

My bad. I answered my own question. I forgot to comment back the drupal_set_message in the template.php file

Thanks again.

I am looking forward so much

I am looking forward so much to getting this going.
I have gone over and over the tutorial.
fair enough I am quite the drupal newbe but i have followed all the instructions.
i don't know why.

my final product is just an image with
this next to it

News item slideshow




Re: I am looking forward so much


It looks like you use the normal view output and not the dynamic display block instance. Try to put the dynamic display block instance in a region at the administer > Site building > blocks.

The normal view is something like:

The dynamic display block instance is something like:

You you need the block with ddblock in the link.

Hope this helps you further

If this does not help please send a link to your site or a screenshot so I can help you better.

i have tried to implement

i have tried to implement your suggestion but i am still at a loss. damn.
i changed themes and still same issue.


you are a real hero for trying to help everyone and providing this (meant to be) beautiful module.

thank you for your suggestions.
can you see how it just wants to put a normal block out there?

where do you think the problem is now you can see what i am saying on the site.?

thanks again


Re: i have tried to implement

See issue queue on Drupal.org

Great module, one little issue

The default preprocess functions doesn't load the images, I had to change 'node_data_field_pager_item_text_field_image_fid' to 'node_data_field_image_field_image_fid' get it working. Except from that the step by step worked gloriously.

Could do with a hint about image size to use ;) I used a preset from Image Cache for my image.

Having issues

I have followed all of the steps you given above but having no success.
I am using acquia_marina theme + drupal 6.8 + all modules you described above.

After doing all the steps you provided, only a blank block of like 300px X 60px showed in the desired displaying block. Is there any other steps I need to be more careful of, thank you?


Re2: Having issues

If you use another view or viewfields you need to change them in the preprocess functions in your template.php file

Re: Having issues

Clearing the cache solved some similar problems.

If this does not solve your problem, can you make an issue in the issue queue of the module at http://drupal.org/project/issues/ddblock

Can you send me a link to your website, so I can help you better.
You can do it on the contact form.

Having a similar problem

My problem is that I get a blank square like the previous post when I have the display method set to cycleblock, but when it is set to default I get everything that matches the view. as far as I can tell, I've followed the tutorial. I've also tried clearing the catche. Is there any place you can recommend to check?

Re: Having a similar problem

Check the following:

1.) If you don't use the advanced dynamic display block options you have to run the patch from issue: http://drupal.org/node/351453

Clear the cache after you run the patch

2.) If you use the advanced dynamic display block options check the following

Are your preprocess function installed in the tempate.php file of your
Is the view_name in the preprocess functions the same as the view you

Clearing the cache can also solve the problem.

Hope this helps you further.

3.) If not please make an issue in the issue queue and attach
A copy of your preprocess functions if you changed them.
The result of the drupal_set_message lines in the preprocess functions.
A link to your website.

You can do this on my contact form.


Still not working but don't have enough to make an issue

It appears that the template.php file is not being called for my theme (bluemarine) .... i'm a relative newbie at Drupal but I don't know why it wouldn't be called. Since it's not being called I don't have any drupal_set_messages for you.

Also, I'm using acquia so could that make a difference?

I can't give you a link to the website because it is not currently publicly accessible.


Re: Still not working

Your template.php file should be recognized if you place it in your theme folder, but maybe you have to empty the cache after yo created it to get template.php recognized.

I have no experience with the acquia version of drupal but I don't think it should make a difference. It should also work there.

The preprocess function should be recognized when you copy the complete custom folder with subfolders from the dynamaic display block theme upright10-50

Hope this information helps you further.

PP Blaauw

My bad


Stupid me i had typo in the cck field, i typed paper instead of pager ...
And images instead of image...

I have redo everything by copying from your tutorial.

Now only problem is that it is showing me error
warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home8/xilingor/public_html/sites/all/themes/acquia_marina/custom/modules/ddblock/ddblock-cycle-block-content-upright50.tpl.php on line 42.

Any idea or steps to solve it?
Thank you,


Re: My bad


The problem is that no nodes are selected for the dynamic display block.

Make sure you have created a minimum of 2 nodes.
(can check this with preview in the views configuration page)
Make sure your view_name is the same as in the if statement in the preprocess functions.
Make sure your view field names are the same in the preprocess functions
(can check both by uncommenting lines at the top of the preprocess functions to show your view_name and view_fields.

You can also try to empty the cache at site configuration > performance

Hope this helps,

If not please send me a link to your website, so I can help you better.
You can do this on my contact form.


Can't add custom template

Hi, when I enter a name for custom template. I see the drupal doesn't detect the css. But when I create a folder which name is: custom and put css file(ddblock-cycle-custom) into it. Drupal detects the css.

Is it a bug or something?

Also, please show me how to make round corners? thx so much :)

Re: Can't add custom template

When you create your own custom theme you have to change the $template variable to $custom_template. You also have to call your CSS file in the content template file. We will soon add a page to the tutorial how to change a standard Dynamic display block theme to a custom theme.

We will soon release more dynamic display block themes. They will be for sale. This will also include themes with round corners. :)

Re: Can't add custom template

hi there,

the theme I am using (ad_novus) doesn't seem to reference the $template variable in any of its files (or $custom_template).
So, when I load the site I get the code from your template.php displayed at the top of the page.

Any ideas on how to change this, or do you spot what I am doing wrong?


rgds Dave

Re: Custom theme

In the following tutorial page is explained how to make a custom theme from an existing standard theme.

Create a new custom template

Hope this helps you further

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