Drupal 6 - Advanced slideshow using embedded video tutorial


  • This tutorial page gives detailed instruction on How to make an advanced dynamic display block slideshow where the play now... button links to a node with embedded video from 3rd parties like youtube.
  • The thumbnail of the embedded slideshow will be used as the image in the slideshow.
  • This tutorial is for version RC6 of the Dynamic display block module. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  • Before making comments or issues, please read the FAQ.

Have a look for the Embedded content slideshow example working in our themes site.

Summary of steps

  1. Install required modules. (ddblock, jquery update, cck, views).
  2. Install emfield module.
  3. Import or create ddblock embedded video content type.
  4. Create at least 2 nodes to provide content for the slideshow.
  5. Import or create ddblock_embedded_video views block.
  6. Enable ddblock embedded video content type and ddblock embedded video view in the ddblock settings tab.
  7. Create and configure ddblock instance in the ddblock instance tab.
  8. Install dynamic display block themes.
  9. Add preprocess functions to template.php.
  10. Display advanced Dynamic display block slideshow.

Detailed instruction on How to make an advanced slideshow with embedded video from 3rd party sites is explained in the next page.