Transition effect when using the pager to other slides.

The ddblock module standard uses no transition effect, so users can quickly change the slides without having to wait on the transition.

You can use {"fastOnEvent": 0} to use the transition effect, even if a user clicks a pager item to select a slide.


There are some websites which

There are some websites which uses transition effect for sliding, some feel that by keeping this effect their won`t be any weight put on the server while sliding. The wait can help the best assignment help uk blog server to not get hanged while using it. But, now with this new technology we can use the slides happily and no need of transition effect to them.

Transition effect for pagers

Just to be clear, where can I use {"fastOnEvent": 0} to use the transition effect with the pager? Is this line already in one of the files and I just have to set to to 0 or do I have to add that somewhere?