Drupal 6 - Video tutorials


  • These tutorials are for version RC6 of the Dynamic display block module. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  • Before making comments or issues, please read the FAQ especially the trouble shooting part.
  • Thanks to Aki Iwata there are also Japanese versions of the tutorials

Video Tutorials

DDblock - Basic Dynamic Display Block Slideshow Video Tutorial

A video tutorial to create a basic slideshow with the Dynamic display block module. The screencast covers the following topics:
  1. Download and install required modules
  2. Add a new dynamic display block
  3. Configure the block
  4. Add content for the block
  5. Display the block on the site
Play Video (Length: 07:37)

DDblock - Advanced Dynamic Display Block Slideshow Video Tutorial

A video tutorial to create an Advanced slideshow with the Dynamic display block module. The screencast covers the following topics:
  1. Download and install required modules
  2. Create content type
  3. Create nodes
  4. Create view
  5. Configure view
  6. Create and configure instance
  7. Download and install ddblock free themes
  8. Download and install preprocess function
  9. Display Advanced slideshow
Play Video (Length: 25:10)

Dynamic Display Block. vol.1 (FOREST & trees Drupal Videocast)
http://www.forest-and-trees.com/videocast/episode1_ddblock_1 (length: 13:53)

Dynamic Display Block. vol.2 (FOREST & trees Drupal Videocast)
http://www.forest-and-trees.com/videocast/episode2_ddblock_2 (length: 20:38)
Views のアウトプットからスライドショーを作成する方法


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Thanks this helped me alot

Keep up the good work

written explanation of pronunciaton

The video tutorial seems to cover the essential items but the pronunciation of the accompanying explanation is a disaster. What about a written explanation?

good video for basic configuration

the video narration sound's cute.. anyway that's how SE Asian speaks .. and one has to understand that english is not their native language... nevertheless the narration is quite understandable!

thanks for the video! keep up the good work! :))

Re: written explanation of pronunciaton

Have a look at the advanced slideshow tutorial

Are these video tutorials

Are these video tutorials available in english? a little silly to offer them on an english-speaking site if not, IMHO.

Re: Are these video tutorials

The basic and advanced ddblock slideshow video tutorials we made, are available in English.
The video tutorials made by our friend Aki Iwata, are in Japanese.

Hi, Is there any Views


Is there any Views Slideshow DDBlock Video that is available in english? I'm really pulling my hair off trying to figure ddblock out.


Re: Hi, Is there any Views

There is no views_slideshow_ddblock video tutorial as far as I know.
Only the tutorial and the readme.txt file are available at the moment, how to install, configure and use the module.

pathetic video quality !

DDblock advanced video tutorial is the worst quality of video i have ever seen based on drupal.... pathetic.... very pathetic........very very pathetic.........

God bless those who produced such pathetic video.....

Re: pathetic video quality !

Can you be more specific what you did not like.
Do you have any advise how we can improve next video's.