Change the tooltip "navigate to topic" with node title

When hovering the pager items a tooltip is shown. This is standard the tooltip "navigate to topic". To change the tooltip dynamically in the node title, you need to have a variable for the tooltip in the ddblock template file of the ddblock theme you use. You need to create this variable for the template file in the pager preprocess function in template.php.

You need to add the following code to the pager preprocess function:
[theme_name]_preprocess_ddblock_cycle_pager_content in the template.php file, inside the "for each" loop:

      // add tooltip variable
      $pager_items[$key1]['tooltip'] =  $result->node_title;

In your ddblock template file : ddblock-cycle-pager-content-[ddblock-theme-name].tpl.php (I used upright50 as an example) you can now use:

      <a href="#" title="<?php print $pager_item['tooltip']?>" class="pager-link"><?php print $pager_item['image']; ?><?php print $pager_item['text']; ?></a>

instead of

      <a href="#" title="navigate to topic" class="pager-link"><?php print $pager_item['image']; ?><?php print $pager_item['text']; ?></a>



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Thanks for putting the links

Thanks for putting the links on your review web page. But as I don’t know much about the computer language so how can I use these links. And make their use beneficiary for me. Can you please elaborate this to me. It will be a lot of help for me. Thanks and waiting.

Tooltip Link

Okay, just to clarify your "preprocess snippet" documentation for the tooltip. I added these code snippets and did not have any problems, but all it did was remove the "navigate to topic" text away. I assumed it would add the current Pager item text. But nothing displays. Do I need to add an additional field to my content type called "tooltip?" How do I control the text that displays in the "tooltip" field. Please explain a bit more, if possible.

Thank you.

Re: Tooltip link

Don't know how to explain this more clear.

Did you add the line:

// add tooltip variable
      $pager_items[$key1]['tooltip'] =  $result->node_title;

to the pager_preprocess function

This line sets the tooltip variable to be the title of the node.

Hope this helps you further, please let me know.

If this does not help you further, please make an issue in the issue queue of the module and attach your template.php file and the ddblock pager template of the ddblock theme you use.