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How to keep the slideshow from switching when playing video?

I have a view that includes both images and video and I am bringing both content types into my ddblock slideshow via the "global: custom text" field in views.

When I attempt to play a video that is in one of the slides, it changes slides after the preset amount of time (allowed by the ddblock slideshow settings), instead of allowing me to see the entire video first. How do I make it so that the slideshow allows videos to play all the way through before switching to the next slide?

When I click on pager prev/next slider images changes

Hello everyone,
I want to click on prev/next pager button to navigate the pager, but when I click also the slider images changes. How I do that (an example is vsd-upright60 scrollable pager)

thanks in advice

Imagecache presets

I am using the template onslide50IS, size 940. The image size of the slide is 940 x 298px. Currently I am manually scaling and cropping images to this size. My question is, if this manuall process can be automated by using imagecache presets. I did not find any possibility to attach imagechache presets to the slides in the settings.
Is that possible please?
I am using DDBlock 7.x-1.0 .

Thank you in advance.

Slideshow appears as a view


I can't get a proper display of slideshows using DDblock module and Drupal 7.
I scrupulously followed the advanced slideshow tutorial : I created a view (as
a block) and then a block using DDblock. I display the lattest block and not
the original view.
The result I get is the different fields of all contents filtered
by the view. The problem appear with all navigators.

Apparently, the problem is that no template and no CSS of the ddblock module is applied.
For example, I can't find the code present in ddblock-cycle-block-content.tpl.php when I

My ddblock does not work for drupal 7


i'm using ddblock for first time.. I have follow carefully all steps described in page
but nothing appears in my region.

If i use Basic slideshow, worsk fine. But in advance slideshow , nothing appears!!

I'm using Cycleblock Display Method and upright10 template... I have done all the steps that i read.

I found jquery plugin needed at

If that is the problem ??

I downloaded the uprights10 theme and the others form

Please give me an answer ..

Is there any special instructions for upgrading to 6.x-2.0?

Is there anything special I need to do when upgrading from previous versions of DDblock (versions that require template.php preprocess function addition)? Besides removing the preprocess function...

Thank you,

Can DDblock display multiple content types?

I am using the latest version of DDblock (6.x-2.0).

Am I able to use the DDblock to display multiple types of content (blogs, articles, photos galleries, videos, etc...)? I'm sure it depends on what fields are available in the Views "field" setting and which fields I map them to in the style configuration.

If I have an article image and an embedded video, can I have both of those content types show in the same slideshow?

Thank you,

Can't seem to get the overlay text to transition in

I testing the latest version (6.x-2.0) and I am so glad that you were able to shed the preprocess portion of it : ).

I got the view block to work nicely, but I was trying to adjust the transition for the overlay text when it appears on a slide. I am able to get the transition of the overlay text off the slide to work fine, but the transition in does not seem to change no matter how I set it. Every time a slide appears, the overlay text is already there (no transition), then the text transitions out and the next slide appears with the text already on it, not transition in for the text.

Why does ddblock show on every page?

I chose to display ddblock on the listed page only, which is the front page of my site. However, right now it is displayed on every page. How could I change this?


how to display the pager?

how to display the pager to the right(left) side?

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