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Slideshow display items unformated

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I've been trying to setup ddblock for a few weeks now without success. I have watched the advance slideshow tutorial a few times ( and tried replicating all the steps. Somehow the ddblock template isn't working for me.

I'm using Drupal 6.20 on a remote web host server. I've tried the same steps on my computer using MAMP with the same result.

Sorry, I know this is long to read but I figured I should send the full info so it can be replicated.


First of all, thank you for this great module!

I would like to ask, if it is possible to use Dynamic Display Block templates in Views Slideshow:Dynamic Display Block. If not, is there a lot of customozation to adapt them?

Thanks in advance...

Add text to image pagers

I've built a basic display block for a product page to show various product colors. Is there any way for me to add text underneath the pagers in the basic version?

pager links - can they have a a hover state and click state...?

So, for example, with the pager links on, if you mouseover a pager link, the image, or block, changes, as per normal, but, if you then click the pager link it takes you to a node.

Is this possible?

Centering Uploaded Images in a "News Item"- Node

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to center uploaded images in the "News Item"- node that was provided by this site. I got the DDBlock to work perfectly, but I'd just like to center those images.

For illustration, check:

That's one of the news item nodes I made to show in my DDBlock, but the image just sits at the left of our content. Would it be possible to center it or, optionally, make it so that the image doesn't show in the node, but does in the DDBlock? We could then replace that image with an IMG code in the text below.

I want to use more easing and transition effects.

First of all, thank you very much to the developers of this fantastic module for drupal. It's very lovely and style to present the content in a way like this fantastic module provides.

Dear admin, there are many transition effects provided by the module. But what if i want to use more transition and easing effects. Sorry i am new to jQuery and don't know how to code to have jquery effect. Please help me in this regard.

Where can i find these effects and how to use them?

Thanks in advance.

How due you add a DDBlock as a Header of a Site

Hello everyone, I am kinda new to using Drupal. I am using Drupal6,

My Question is how due you add a ddblock as a header to the site. I got the advanced ddblock working fine. I go into my blocks and I have no place for a header region in my Template. So how is this done?


Help with the size of a Text slider

Hi, can anyone help me determine where I change the size of my text slider to fit my image size?

I purchased the CITY MAGAZINE theme and adjusted the size of the image successfully by overriding the css, I haven't figured out where to change the length of the text slider, it's still displaying [and therefore getting chopped off from my new image size] at the original size.

Thanks !

[Bug] with image size = 0 ?

Thank's for your module, but i have a big problem.
I see only 150x150 thumbnail when i put image size = 0 (width and height or one of these parameters).

To try i do that:

The size of my picture is 430 x 383

I created a block
Content container = img ( I try also .ddblock-container img without success)
Content container settings : height = 600 width = 600

Image settings : height = 0 width = 0

And the result is here :
My picture appear only with a little size !!!

view slideshow ddblock landscape example

I am trying to determine what I need to do to make the pager show up on the left or right side and to also have it be scrollable. Using the example naming structure, I would like to have 30l theme with 60 option (the ability to scroll). I suppose that since 60 is scroll with image, then 70 should be scroll with text and 80 should be scroll with image and text. I wonder if either of those would make sense in portrait though. I suppose if the width was wide enough, then it could support more than a couple pager elements across the bottom that contained text or text and image.

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