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php shows up on page

I have the slideshow working, but there is some php code above it. I only want to show the slideshow. How do I get the php code off the page?

Need Pager Image to link to another page

Created view and used Slideshow DDBlock to display using scrolable-pager (60p theme). Set up for pager moseover action. So when I move mouse over pager image, the slide content changes ok. But I want to use Click action to navigate to another page.
In Template file I found

<a href="#" title="navigate to topic" class="pager-link">
 <?php print $pager_item['pager_image'];?>

and changed it to
<a href="/gallery/<?php print $pager_item['pager_text']; ?>" title="navigate to topic" class="pager-link">
 <?php print $pager_item['pager_image'];?>

Howto change "Read more" button

Howto change the text of the "Read more" button - from english to other languages?

modest-50l-B theme expands at the bottom into a new black window

When adding a fifth node to DDB Slideshow (modest-50l-B theme) the window which carries the big pictures expands to the bottom into a new black window. Adding a sixth, seventh ... node, expands it even more. Isn't there a scroll bar, pager ... that keeps the main-picture-window in shape?



Link is offline?

Is theme independent slideshow ddblock posible ?

I am developing site which will work with any theme without doing anything in theme. I used ddblock slideshow for slideshow. but it require to add some module themes in theme. which i don't want to do. Is it posible ? if yes how ?

Thanks in Adv.

Why my ddblock is not show, i try find out and problem continuous..

i don't know why

i watch VDO tutorial,however, problem still existed.

i already changed permission , allowed anonymous to access ddblock,

Oh, i see the important point when i delete the ddblock that i ever created before and place to the block,
after delete, the ddblock will show!!!

but when refresh it disappear(of course, coz i'm delete it already)

how i can solve this problem ??

help me please, sorry for my english, i'm from Thailand the land of Smile :)

Slideshow does not slide

Hi all,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but it is worth the try. Well, I installed the module, followed the instructions in the tutorial, the block shows, shows its contents... problem is... it does not slide. It shows the pager images, the texts, everything. But it does not slide. Does anybody have any pointers on how I might debug this?

the drupal version is 6.15, and the ddblock version is 6.x-1.0

Thanks in advance,


ps. this is the content of the template.php file

* Dynamic display block preprocess functions

Functioning Prev- & Next buttons

I want to have both a pager and a prev-/next button on my slideshow. I started out with the ddblock-cycle-pager-content-gradient-blue30p theme but have stripped it down quite a lot. I don't use the supplied style sheets at all. I display my slideshow in a block.

I have successfully used the link:

<a href="#" title="Click for next image" class="pager-link"></a>

to display images that represent the slides and with the current one highlighted. I would also like to have prev- and next-links and here I'm at a loss...

ddBlock not working with my theme

About a month ago I followed the advanced ddblock tutorial to get one set up. After completing the video I couldn't get the block to be displayed. So I forgot about it moved on to other things and now I'm back to ddblock. I scratched everything and started over just to get the same results. I noticed some people asking if the ddblock worked on their specific theme. So I switched to garland real quick to see if anything was different and changed the preprocessed code. Go figure it works in garland, doesn't work in my theme.

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