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How to get rid of border?

DDBlock is a fantastic module. Very easy to set up. I am testing it using Acquia Marina and I have one small problem.

If you look at the URL above, you will see a white border around the images on the top and left side. How do I get rid of this? I have both the container and image size set to 450x300. I tried messing with those numbers but nothing seemed to get ride of the border.


Video Carousel

Hi guys I would like to ask on how to build a video carousel using the ddblock slideshow module?

I would like to embed some 3rd party videos that will automatically play when the video thumbnails is click and also it has a left and right navigation for choosing of thumbnails.

advance thanks to the people who will reply here.
God bless!

How can I rotate topics from an Aggregator Feed?

I've got five different blog subscription feed s that I want to put into a ddblock and have it rotate the topics. Right now it acts just like a standard block, showing just the first topic from each of the five feeds. I've added each feed as an instance, added the main block to aggregate the feeds, and they are all static. The ddblock seems to be a perfect use for this, but can't seem to get it to work. What am I missing?

How can i show external/3rd party images in slider?

When i add images to slider, i must always upload images to my host. For example; i want to show "" image directly in slider without self-host. Simply how i can do it? Thanks, regards...

template for basic slideshow?


may i know is there any template for basic slideshow? i created a basic dynamic display block image slideshow with links to other pages and i want the ddblock display like upright10 template but there are no setting for me to choose the template?

i tried modify css but i cannot find how to eliminate the grey border. hope can hear from your solution soon.

Simple DDblock text only slider

Hi Guys,

I am new to DDblock and having trouble setting up a simple text only slider... I am trying to build a block that simply displays quotes that are text only, which fade in and out every few seconds... I have been unable to find a tutorial or any other FAQ which documents a simple process like this... Any recommendations or advice would be most appreciated.



DDBlock only shows on page when logged in

I have done and tested successfully some block but they only show when I am logged in, even though I have set the block to display by default to registeredt users and anonymous users.

What can I be doing wrong?

image vignette doesn't display with upright 40/50

Hi all,

I'm trying to use this fantastic module with the upright 40 or 50 theme.
the big image is displayed perfectly but the little vgnette doesn't shows up... Ihave a black block with white text.

Does anybody got an idea?

thanks for you help

combining ddblock with taxonomy ?

DDblocks seems promizing but before I install it, I want to be sure that it is the one I need.
I want to set a photo gallery using extensively taxonomy to select the photos to display.
The basic display ( would be OK if the thumbnails below (and thus the photos to display) can be selected by a combination of taxonomy terms.
Do you think that this is possible ? Have you some example of code ?
Thanks a lot

Title of ddblock

Hey. Thanks for a great product. one question doh.
Is there any way to remove the block name from appearing on top of the slideshow?

Thanks alot


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