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Filter Nodes to Show in ddblock with views

I have a question regarding filtering what nodes show in ddblock advanced slideshow.
I have content type for real estate listings that I am using in my advanced slideshow (using the slideshow to show properties)

I want to be able to further filter "which" properties show in the slideshow - as I don't want them all to end up there.
I have tried adding additional filters to the view, however any additional filters I add makes ddblock disappear from the site?

multiple ddblock advanced slideshow in same site

hello -
I am working on a site where I must use the advanced slideshow multiple times (different news slideshow on different pages in the site per section).

I have the advanced slideshow working perfectly on the page of my drupal site, however I am confused on where to begin creating a second (and third....) advanced slideshow for the site.

I understand the need for additional "if" statements to be added to the php - but for each slideshow, do I start from the beginning of the tutorial instructions (after module install) - and build as many individual slideshows as needed???

Please help

I have create a view:
* View 'view_tieudiem'
$view = new view;
$view->name = 'view_tieudiem';
$view->description = '';
$view->tag = '';
$view->view_php = '';
$view->base_table = 'node';
$view->is_cacheable = FALSE;
$view->api_version = 2;
$view->disabled = FALSE; /* Edit this to true to make a default view disabled initially */
$handler = $view->new_display('default', 'Defaults', 'default');
$handler->override_option('fields', array(
'title' => array(
'label' => '',
'alter' => array(
'alter_text' => 0,

ddblock bar style


I have a block in my right sidebar showing a random image using ddblock - I have a couple of questions on how to style it.

I've seen the themes and want to use one of those in the content block (theme is modest-50l) but I also want to style the random image block I have now.

How would I go about doing that? I assume there is css I can use but I'm not aware of it.

Thanks for any help.

Multiple Pagers

I would like to display both the thumbnail pager and the prev/next pager in my ddblock, so that users can use either method to navigate through a rather large set of thumbnails. How can I modify my custom template to do this? Or is there a commercial theme that already does this that I could modify? Thank you.

Pager Location

Hi, sorry i forgot to log in when i posted this. So its posted as anonymous.
Hi there,

Thank you for this wonderful module. God Bless!
I have a question. I saw in the advanced tutorial that you can choose the location of the pager either at the top or bottom of the images. Sadly i can't find this option on my site. Is there anything that i am missing out on?


Dynamic Display Block not display image

Dynamic display block not display images
drupal 6.12
cck 6.x-2.2
ddblock 6.x-1.0-rc6
filefield 6.x-3x0
imageapi 6.x-1.6
imagefield 6.x-3.0
views 6.x-2.5


How can I get the block to use a specific theme file?

Please help, I'm really confused, am I missing something? I'm setup the module it works. I want it to use the custom theme. I downloaded the themes and have put them under sites/all/themes/MYTHEME/custome/modules/ddblock/

here i have the following files
upright10/ upright20/ upright30/ upright40/
ddblock-cycle-block-content-upright10.tpl.php - 50
ddblock-cycle-pager-content-upright10.tpl.php - 50

Now how do I tell the module block use the file: ddblock-cycle-block-content-upright40.tpl.php ??


Place the advanced Dynamic display block in a Node.

I have tried to place my ddblock in a Node using

$block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','1');
print $block['content'];

The block appears but it has the following html comment-like text around it. I have omitted the brackets (<>).

!-- dynamic display block slideshow --
!-- slider content --

and the following underneath

!-- slider-inner--
!-- slider--
!-- number pager --

!-- number pager --

!-- container-inner--


!-- template --

What am I doing wrong?

Question on How to create a basic dynamic display block image slideshow with links to other pages

I have created a 5 image carousel based on the Howto.

How can I show more than one image, here is the link to a comp of what I want. Just a larger container and part of the previous and next image similar to the image below. Rotating from right to left.


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