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Max # of images you should use?

Hey guys,

What do you think the max # of images I should use at a time for my slideshow if they are 694x244? I am worried about load times on slower machines or dial-up. Or is it really that big of a deal.


Read More To Link To Blogs, Other Nodes, Etc

I got the Dynamic Display Block to work and it's very good looking. However, I am just using it to display different featured content of my website. Featured Blogs, Pictures, etc. So I created content with 'news item'. They load perfectly, but I would like the read more button to link to a DIFFERENT node then the respected 'news item' node. How is this possible?


how to add new speed time

Where I can change the code to add more speed for the image to load? I want to set a 15 sec duration.


how to embed the ddblock content into the node

I found this great module. I play around it. I still don't know how to embed the ddblock content into the page node. Any one knows?


Ubercart &


I really love this module! I plan to use this module to promote products from Ubercart. Is there anyone who has done it successfully? I am stuck unfortunately. (The website is

When I publish the block it does appear but the nodes do not change. Any help would be appreciated.


supported browsers

thanks so much for sharing this module. I have just started trying it out and have already found an issue to address. is there any known problem with IE6? IE6 started crashing after installation (performed using FF).

if there is an an IE6 problem, I will not be able to use this module. the school, where I teach, still uses IE6.



how to setup ddblock like this:

thanks, great module!

Images with different x/y dimmensions

I do succeed in starting this magic module up in my sandbox, but I'm left with a very annoying issue: i have pictures whose X/Y dimmensions do not always have the same relation
(eg. pic1 = 40px . 60 px, pic 2 = 60px . 60 px, ...).

Until now i see the pictures being displayed in a "fixed" zone, so some pics are "stretched" and do not look as I would ..

any advice?

Jan Van Hyfte

quick review


Quick review, mainly on aspects where - to me - might be room for improvement.

I think this could be a top module, inc as can display text (titles could be good; as well as nodes)
Initially, though, I'm mainly interested in a random images module.

Like it that it's possible to create several blocks. For me, I have in mind header images block, also images block for left side, and maybe one or more with random titles/teasers.

Trying for images:

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