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I have been trying to add new effects to the module with no success. I have tried to enter custom code into the Jquery Cycle Plugin settings with no effect. I have cut and pasted from your example site, and it's not overriding the drop down effects. I have tried to link to jquery ui effects, but that hasn't worked either. I would like to use custom java effects but not sure where to place them or how to initialize them. If you could provide some GOOD documentation I would appreciate it.

Drupal 7 Sliding of nodes at Startpage

Does any documentation exist where I can follow to build DDBlock Startpages whitch ist sliding multiple nodes wit Picture and text?

[Update]Block only showing up when user logged on - what are the permissions?

What are the correct permissions to have the dynamic display blocks enabled for guest users in /admin/user/permissions?

THX in advance

Block only showing up when user logged on

The slideshow comes only up, when (administrative) user is logged on.
I already went through all options concerning permissions (admin/user/permissions) but didn't a solution.

Any ideas appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Advanced Slideshow in Drupal 7

Hi all,

I have difficulty setting up advanced slideshow in a vanilla Drupal 7 setup. I hope someone can help.

I have tried to follow the instructions/tutorials from various places, none seems working. The tutorials I have tried to follow are:
- README file in the module
- Text tutorial on this site
- Video tutorial on YouTube
The first one is very generic and Drupal version free but very brief. The rest two are more Drupal 6 focusing rather than 7.

No Dynamic Display Block link under Site Configuration

Hello folks,
I have looked at a lot of slideshows and find yours to be the one that will accomplish what I need. I've followed the steps, including the video tutorial here, but I get hung up because there is no link under Administer >>Site Configuration >> that show up as Dynamic Display Block.

So I can't configure anything. Can someone please advise as to why it might not be showing up? I have both jQuery update adn dynamic display block selected in my modules area.

Much appreciated!

How to add Next/Previous Buttons

Hello, first thanks for this amazing module, not so easy to get hold of but very promising and very powerful.

im using the modest-grey50p with some adjustments i made to the css to my needs, anyway, im not using a pager and i want to tell the cycle to use some buttons i added to my theme (outside of the ddblock) i tried to add some lines to the custom jquery option :
but all it did is messed my ddblock.

is there any tip that, or guidelines ?

Thanks, and keep up good work.

Scrolling custom pager items

Maybe I have just missed it on this web site, but is there a way to have scrolling page items? For example, if there is a spot for 4 page items and I want 8, to have them scroll across the bottom.... Thanks.

DDBlock not turning up.

ddblock is not visible on my content.I had configured it as it is as mentioned in basic slideshow video tutorial.Help me.

one block by two content types.


Create two different types of content, bringing the following fields:

content 1

content 2

I am using the module nodequeue to send information to the slideshow content in the frontpage, the time to use the preprocess functions, achieve set 1 content of each type of content, but at the time in which to generate more 3 nodes, the slide is not for the miniature. I am using the theme modest-grey40p.

Any idea, thank you very much any answer.

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