Issues and discussions regarding the Dynamic display block tutorial.

Block shows noting than the title

First of all,

thx for these great tutorials! The basic settings I've done in 1 hour and so I had a first impression how powerful this module is.

But I'm not able to implement the advances settings although I followed the tutorial step by step! First of all, the imagefield in -> user -> setting is not avaiable to get activated for users.
Nevertheless I ignored this fact and followed the steps to the point where the preprocess functions are to import into the active template.php.
I use TMA and so I copied - pasted the code into it:


Embedded video - pause/stop rotation & custom thumbnail


Great module, have a slideshow based on the upright40 theme running on our homepage. It is currently displaying just embedded youtube videos that play within the same window (similar to your embedded content example). Eventually want to add in images as well. I have 2 questions though that I couldn't find the answer to from searching the tutorials and forums.

How to overlay a number pager over rotating DDB

Hello. I am using dynamic display block on the front page of my site. It is placed and working fine, however, I would like to know how to overlay the number pager over the rotating slides. Specifically, I'd like the pager to appear in the bottom left corner of my ddblock on top of my rotating, fading slides.

Thank you!

Background Image during Transition

When using a transition in advanced mode, such as Fade, text appears between the slides (this also appears to be a problem with the example on this page where one briefly sees the text "More sites using ddblock" in-between each image display)

Is there any way to get rid of this text or hide it (e.g., by simply adding white space so that it is outside of the viewing area)?

template doesnt work :(

i have problem with chromatic-blue20l theme.
look on ss and tell me whats wrong

and i have second problem on localhost - parameter 1 to theme_imagefield_widget() expected to be a reference, value given in c:\blablablabla\ on line 617

someone know anything about theme making? i really need help


Text not showing when a picture is displayed


I did configure ddblock advanced slideshow following the tutorial (using the theme upright30)
I can not have a picture and a text displayed at the same time in it, in firebug
the css refering to the text disappears when a picture in displayed.
what am i doing wrong?


I am getting a warning message different from the one on the video

I am getting a warning message, rather than the ddblock I was trying to great. I am building on my local host, and wanted to check if anyone know what is wrong. this is what I am getting:

* warning: include(./sites/all/themes/analytic/custom/modules/ddblock/ddblock-cycle-pager-content.tpl.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/economicMonitor/includes/ on line 1020.

Preprocess function for the ddblock_embedded_video view

My installation is:
* Drupal 6.13
* Dynamic display block module (RC6) 6.x-1.0-rc6
* jQuery update module 6.x-1.1
* CCK module 6.x-2.4
* Views module 6.x-2.6
* filefield module 6.x-3.1
* imagefield module 6.x-3.1
* imageapi module 6.x-1.6
* imagecache 6.x-2.0-beta9
* Embedded Media Field 6.x-1.2
* Zero Point 6.x-1.7

My problem was as follows:
When installing if statement before $vars['slider_items'] = $slider_items;

Default images

I have the ddblock working fine but I would also like the ability to use the imagefield's default image feature. When I use it the default image will show in the teaser and the full node but will not show in the ddblock. Does any one know how to setup ddblock to access this image?

Changing slider text from horizontal to vertical


Thanks for a lovely module. I was wondering how I could change the slider text to horizontal for theme upright30. I want the slider text to come just underneath the title instead of to the right.



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