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Distinction between basic and advanced slideshow ?

The module looks great, with a really helpful website, and a well maintained issue queue. My one suggestion is that the website doesn't explicitly define what the distinction is between a basic and advanced slideshow. I am sure this is clear to the module author, but as a prospective implementor I didn't really want to watch the 2 videos b4 understanding the difference.

Keep up the good work !


Can we have a search block in ""

That will help........... Thanks in advance.


I've got the views block showing but it's not sliding


I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something. I created a View with a Block with several custom fields and got it to to successfully show on my frontpage as a DDBlock. The problem is that it's not cycling or sliding or anything.

Prior to configuring DDBlock, was I supposed to download some templates or other files? I've already got JQuery installed and no I haven't got java disabled on my browser.

I'd appreciate a point in the right direction :)

Argent of Change

DDBlock & Panels 3

I've been working on getting a featured content area on a site I'm developing. It's starting to shape up and I'm now moving the featured content ddblock into a Panel Page. I'm using Panels 3 since it's now the focus of development by the panels team.

Problem is, when I add the FeatureContent ddblock into my panel and then view the page, I just see the title and nothing else. I'm guessing this is due to the preprocess functions needing to be called?

any help would be appreciated.

You Tube Video Needed


I got the basic slide show to work ( I have no idea how to get a dynamic display to work. Im very new to modules, Drupal and developing web sites. Are there any You Tube videos to help me with a step by step. If some one made one that would be really cool.

Non-existing template.php

The template.php is missing in one of the drupal themes - 'ad the morning after'. In that case, where should the preprocess functions be inserted?

How to create the Recent comments effect

To create the recent comments effect like on the left side of the site follow the steps in this tutorial.

Links refer to the existing tutorial on this site.

Modules used:
The following modules have to be installed and enabled:

Core module:

Contributed modules:

For details see: Installation


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