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Creating links from whole slide to another node

I have set up a ddblock slideshow on my site and it works perfectly. The only thing I can't do is to create links from each slide to another node. I have been able to set up the readmore button to do this but I want the link to be from the whole slide, not using a button. I am using drupal 7 and ddblock 7.x-1.0
Would appreciate your help on this.

different images size

i was read faq. but i didnt understant from answer - what file i need to change setting to 0. thank you for answer!

One Cycle


I have little problem. I would like have only one full cycle slideshow and on the finish comback first slide. How to make it? I work on drupal 7, ddblock v. 7.x-1.0 and advanced slideshow with upright40p theme,

any help greatly appreciated -
Thanks so much

Multiple Nodes per Slideshow

Hi there;

my DDblock are all working perfect! But no I have some special issue. Is there a possibility to display more than one Nodeitem in one Slideshow?
Just want to have a slideshow with three items showing at once.

Cheers from Germany

embed the ddblock content issues

I have been able to set up an advanced slide show and it's working nicely. The problem comes when I try to embedding it in a node, the ddb doesn't cycle. I am using:

$block = module_invoke('ddblock', 'block', 'view','15');
print $block['content'];

And it is indeed printing out the ddb as intended but the slideshow doesn't go... I've made sure everything that ddb is getting loaded css, and js wise. The only thing I can see is that the ddb isn't receiving the "ddblock-processed" class when using the module_invoke() to embed the ddb.

class issue, active-pager-item and activeSlide

I am setting background images for the pager and I am trying to the left side of the pager item to have a rounded edge by setting the background image to be left justified and not repeat, and then setting the background of the anchor to repeat-x. This works fine and I get the look I want for each pager item.

Problem with clean url

First, sorry for my English... :)

I actived clean URLs, but, after this, ddblock stopped working.
If I deactivate clean URLs, ddblock continues not working.

What should I do?

Advanced DDBlock working great in FF, failing in IE8

I've been working on this for a while... can't find any resolution so hopefully someone on the forum has experienced this! It took me a while to get it working, but I'm using a DDBlock instance with some custom fields to display multiple images, and a click through that admins can define for each item. This is working great in FF, see:

two types of content to an even Dysplay Dynamic Block, is that possible?


I'm customizing a website that contains a ddblock already configured in this web site is already a content type with the fields properly configured to appear on the slide.
My question is if I can create a new content type with new fields to add the same slide. is it possible?

Forgive my English, I am Brazilian, not yet learned to fully master the language.

Can't get my ddblock to cycle through

When in Views for the news item, there is no DDBLock mode under "style" for the slideshow option. I can see my ddblock
but it doesn't cycle through and it isn't styled right.



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