Drupal 6 - Basic slideshow tutorial

The Dynamic display block module enables you to create blocks to present content in a dynamic way. For creating slideshow effects it uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin.

New!!! Must watch this! Basic slideshow video tutorial
Or in Japanese: 特定フォルダに存在するイメージファイルからスライドショーを作成する方法

Important Notes

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There are many ways to specify content for the dynamic display block module:

  • A folder containing image files.
  • A node from a content type with multiple input.
  • CCK and Views.
  • CKK and Nodequeue.
  • An instance of any created block.

The Headerimage module or CCK and Views makes retrieving and displaying content with the dynamic display block module very flexible.

Several effects and other setting can be set in the configuration settings of the Dynamic display block module.


For examples see the demo site: http://ddblock.myalbums.biz

The RC6 version of the Dynamic display block module support making more advanced blocks with CCK and Views like in the example above.

Also possible to create an advanced slideshow with embedded video from 3rd party sites.

Have a look with Embedded content slideshow example working on our themes site.

For more examples, have a look at examples page and Site using ddblock module using Advanced dynamic display block slideshow .

RC6 released with imagecache support (thanks to acouch) and new version of jcycle plugin (2.51) with multiple transition effects per slideshow.