Dynamic display block slideshow module for Drupal




Featured Content

The dynamic display block module is mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site. Featured content can be e.g.: New articles on the Site, Most popular content, New products, Portfolios, etc.

Ubercart Products

The dynamic display block module can also be used perfectly in combination with Ubercart, to show e.g. new products, discounted product, popular products, etc.

Image Galleries

You want to show an image gallery on your site? The dynamic display block module can also be used to make attractive image galleries.

Video Galleries

The dynamic display block module can also be used to display videos, to make a video gallery.

Header Slideshows

Basic options of the dynamic display block module are a good choice to show different header images on your Site. There are about 25 effects to use for the slideshow

Text sliders

Besides Images and Video, also just text can be used in a slideshow.


Any content

With the dynamic display block module you can show any content in a slideshow.

  • Images
  • Video
  • Text
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Combination of the above

Multiple content delivery options

The dynamic display block can get content from:

  • CCK\Views for filtered content
  • Nodequeue for content in time
  • Image folder for basic slideshows
  • A node with HTML for basic slideshows

Multiple slideshows

The amount of slideshows you can make is not limited. The slideshows can also be placed on the same page. Javascript Slideshows are by definition CPU intensive. It is advisable to make the transitions as short as possible and the timeout between the slides as long as possible.

Configuration per slideshow

All the settings of each slideshow can be configured separately. Settings are e.g.:

  • Content selection
  • Theme layout selection
  • Image cache presets
  • Transition effect selection (25 different effects)
  • Option to add custom transitions
  • Multiple transitions in one slideshow
  • Speed: time of the transition
  • Timeout: time between the transitions
  • Order of slides
  • Pause: stop slideshow when hovered
  • Next: go to next slide clicking slide
  • Pager selection
  • Pager position
  • Pager event: click, mouseover
  • Custom Cycle plugin settings, for advanced usages
  • Slidetext Effects
  • Slidetext Position
  • Slidetext speed and timeout

Number-, prev/next-, text-, image-pagers

For selecting the different slides the dynamic display block module provides a number pager, a previous/next pager, pagers with text, images and a combination to select the different slides.

Free and commercial layout themes

With the dynamic display block module you get several free theme layouts which are licensed under GPL. Other new themes are developed and you can purchase them at Themes.myalbums.biz. Periodically we will donate commercial themes to the community. If you want to request a theme layout you can contact us via the contact form.